Can You Hear God Calling, I Love You?

Posted On December 2, 2022


I love early morning walks with my dog, Bailey. After I meditate and have coffee with the Creator, it’s Bailey-walking time!


As we wander through sleepy streets, my heart waits for the dawn chorus of birdsong greeting the rising sun. The robin usually rings out the first chirp as she praises the Creator for the soft rays of early morning light.

Sometimes I hear a crow. He squawks Caw! Caw! as his magical wisdom echoes in my heart.

This morning I heard a bird’s song I’d not heard in a while. As I walked in silence, a gentle two-syllable whistle graced my ear. I call this mysterious feathered friend the “love bird” because her song sounds like the voice of the Creator chanting, “Love you. Love you.”




I remember the first time I heard the love bird’s song years ago. On retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemane, I was filled with despair wandering through the landscape of the Kentucky Knobs wondering if God was real. Life had taken its toll on me. The daily grind of too much work and not enough play weighed heavy on my middle-aged soul.

It was then I heard the gentle call of the love bird singing her simple song. It sounded like, “Love you. Love you.” My heart knew it was the Creator saying, “I am real. I am with you. And I am sending you this joyous song to let you know I love you beyond words.”





I’ve never seen the love bird. I’m not sure what kind of bird she is.

But it doesn’t matter who or what she is. It’s her song that echoes in my heart, fills me with joyful tears, and sings “Love you” deep within my soul.

This Advent season, take time to listen. Wait in inner stillness. Let the Creator quiet your heart with Divine love. 

Can you hear God calling, “Love you. Love you.”



—brian j plachta

An Advent Invitation for You

What would it be like for you to start each morning with the Creator?

To sit in the quiet or walk in nature and hear God’s love and guidance for the day?

Daily meditation is a simple practice that allows you to come home to your Inner Self and experience the Presence of God.

Click on the Link below for a Free Tool for Your Advent Toolbox and discover some simple ways to start or jump-start your meditation practice.

Your Inner Self will thank you. 

Click here to download your free meditation jumpstarter.


Written by Brian J. Plachta

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