Get The Funk Out—Finding Flow Through Spiritual Reading

Spiritual reading is like a treasure hunt. We search for words to comfort and inspire us. We explore new thoughts and ideas that lead us up “new mountains or guide us through unexpected dark valleys.”

Can You Hear the Sound of Silence? (Finding Flow Through Solitude)

Silence is our friend. It’s the language of God. And when we become still and listen—when we sit in solitude alone with the Creator—we can hear the silent voice of God.

What’s “Divine Flow” & How Do I Get In It?

If God is real, then we should be able to communicate with the Creator. Right? Just like we do in our relationships with spouses, friends, and other loved ones, we should be able to talk with and listen to the Divine.  We should be able to get into the flow with God’s Spirit and live from that space like an athlete or artist who’s “in the zone.”

Who’s In Charge Here? This Is the “Age of the Spirit”

The clamor of the world draws us to seek inner quiet. The Spirit invites us to stillness, to calm the mind’s chatter, since, as Mother Teresa says, the language of God is silence.

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Are You a Mystic?

    “Wouldn’t it be great if God gave us a phone number we could use to talk with the Creator at any time?”  I joked with my friend Mary as we sipped coffee. “We’d each get a direct dial number for God. Whenever we felt sad or lonely, we’d dial our magic...

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A Pathway to Easter Joy

    I sat in church during Holy Week staring at the crucifix. As I pondered Christ’s death, a question arose in me, so I brought it to God. “How do we hold the painful reality of what happened on Good Friday and let it transform us so we can move into Easter...

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Are You Wisdomous?

    In the television show Friends, after dumping a barrage of advice upon Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, and Chandler, Joey proclaims, “I am pretty wisdomous!”   Joey’s that character we love to laugh at and with, and sometimes his simple logic makes sense....

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Can You Teach Your Mind to Smile?

“How do I take the inner peace I experience during meditation, and carry that calm peaceful spirit into the rest of the day?” It’s a question many people ask—and one I also struggle with.   Take, for example, the other day. My prayer time with God was powerful. I...

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Have You Heard God’s Whisper Lately?

“Dad, I heard a God-whisper this morning,” my daughter emailed. “I found a rescue dog on Pet-Finder’s website. I heard a whisper in my heart telling me, ‘This dog’s for you.’”       So began the tale of Bailey, who wandered into our lives four weeks...

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How to Suffer Well—aka The Art of Lamenting

How to Suffer Well---aka The Art of Lamenting         “I don’t do suffering well,” I told my mentor Tim at our spiritual booster-shot meeting. “I endure it for a while, but when it becomes long-suffering, I get impatient. Bitter. Angry.”   Tim leaned...

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What? Give Up Negativity For Lent?

Rooting out negativity has several practical steps.

Become Aware. First, we recognize that negativity has taken up root in our lives.

Name the Source. Second, we name the habits reinforcing it.

Seek Divine Help. Third, we ask God for the grace to replace negativity with gratitude.

Adopt a Spiritual Practice. Finally, we integrate a spiritual practice to exercise our renewed attitude of gratitude.

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Remember Who You Are—Are You Really Dust?

“Remember, you are dust, and to dust you will return.”  On Ash Wednesday, Christians throughout the world receive a smudge of ashes on their foreheads as those words are spoken. The phrase, “You are dust,” used to make me cower like a puppy being scolded after an...

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Image Matters

What’s Your Image of God?  What’s God’s Image of You “Who do people say I am?” Jesus asked Peter. They’d narrowly escaped from an angry mob that tried to push Jesus off a cliff because he claimed he was the Messiah. Why would the Son of God ask such a question? Didn’t...

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Let’s Find Flow!

If you’d like more inner peace, balance, and wholeness—want to Find Flow—the first step is to  take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory. It’s as simple as answering sixty questions so you can find out what makes you come alive.