How to Shut Down Shame! (Why Self-Empathy Is Good For Your Soul)

Can you forgive yourself for being perfectly human?

Why Increasing Your Self-Worth Is Vital to Inner Growth   (How Self-Love Leads to Shared Love)  

How can we learn to love ourselves and build healthy self-esteem so that we can love others as we love ourselves?

How to Give Up Your Image of God

“Who or what is God to you? What word, image, or phrase describes your relationship with the Creator?”

How to Be Your Own StrengthsFinder (What’s Right With You?)

Instead of kicking myself around for what I think is wrong with me, what if I began asking myself, “What’s right with me?”

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How to Leave Room for Jesus

I never got that kiss with Teresa. But as I reflect on that long-ago night, I realize Sister Carmella shared two pieces of wisdom I’ll never forget: to leave room for Jesus and the healing power of a smile. 

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How to Move Beyond Fear

Because we derive a peculiar satisfaction from entertaining fear and other negative emotions, we can become addicted to them.
Here’s how to overcome fear and experience inner peace.

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Let’s Find Flow!

If you’d like more inner peace, balance, and wholeness—want to Find Flow—the first step is to  take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory. It’s as simple as answering sixty questions so you can find out what makes you come alive.