Can You Hear God Calling, I Love You?

This Advent season, take time to listen. Wait in inner stillness. Let the Creator quiet your heart with Divine love. 
Can you hear God calling, “Love you. Love you.”

How to Discover Your True Self

Perhaps the most direct way to find our True Self is to unplug from the world, sit face-to-face with God in the quiet each day, and let our minds sink into our hearts as we listen at a deeper level—as we wait with open hearts to hear the whisper of the Divine remind us of who we are.

Ravish Me, O God

as our relationship with God continues to grow and deepen, we often realize that words can only point to something that is beyond our ability to grasp.

Our connection with the Divine moves beyond an abstract idea or a matter of intellectual belief.

It becomes a real, felt experience with the Source of our Being, who we now feel inside of us in our hearts, like a glowing light, a flow of pure air, or in other ways unique to each of us. 

Changing the Channel from Grousing to Gratitude-Ing

God wants us to experience true happiness. He created us with a natural attitude of gratitude—a desire to live with inner ease, hope, and a positive Spirit.
But how do we sustain a grateful Spirit?

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