Have You Ever Been “Transfigured” into Something New?

Look back over your life and name those moments of your transfigurations. Claim them as real. Recall how God illuminated you through the hardships, empowered you to become something more than you thought you could be.

Why Being a Spiritual Dummy is a Good Thing

“There are spiritual dummies who know they are dummies, and spiritual dummies who don’t know they are dummies. Those who know they are dummies are the smart ones!”

What to Do When You Get the “I Didn’t Sign Up for This” Blues?

So, what do we do when we want to scream, “I didn’t sign up for this!”?

A 3-Step Path to Discover Forgiveness

The next time life throws a sucker punch at you, try the time-tested path of lamenting. Vent. Cry out to God for help. Then wait and listen for the Creator’s guidance.

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7 Ways to Grow Unspeakable Joy

Have you ever been surprised by joy? Can joy be a pathway to wholeness, inner peace, and deeper connection with God and your True Self? If so, are there certain practices you can incorporate into your life to grow the seeds of joy?

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Let’s Find Flow!

If you’d like more inner peace, balance, and wholeness—want to Find Flow—the first step is to  take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory. It’s as simple as answering sixty questions so you can find out what makes you come alive.