Four Ways to Find Flow So You Can Discover the Way

Flow is trusting the river, trusting Divine Flow—knowing there’s something bigger than us, some Being that created and continues to create us as we allow the flow of love and wisdom to move in and through us.

Five Ways to Discover How God Speaks to You Through Dreams

In a world smitten with too much head-knowledge about God, the Creator invites us to experience him directly through our dreams and imaginations. Have fun with your dreams. Let God speak to you through them. Here’s how…

Seven Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship with God

The dry times in our relationship with the Creator, just like with our loved ones, are invitations to shake things up, get creative, and spice up the time you spend with God.

The Long and Short of Discovering Your Wise Mind

Transform your life and the world by establishing a regular practice of taking a long pause in the morning and short pauses throughout the day. Open your heart. Create space to let the Divine guide you. Discover your Wise Mind.

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Moving Beyond Self-Care: Five Ways to Care for Your Soul

Caring for our souls is a life-long adventure. Once we discover we have a soul and that nothing is more precious than it, we open our hearts to inner growth and transformation. We enter a new twilight zone by working with our souls and the Creator to find deeper meaning and purpose unfolding in our lives. We even experience happiness.

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Let’s Find Flow!

If you’d like more inner peace, balance, and wholeness—want to Find Flow—the first step is to  take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory. It’s as simple as answering sixty questions so you can find out what makes you come alive.