What Makes You Whole? What Connects You With Your True Self?

Inside each of us is a creative gift or talent. It could be singing, writing, painting, dancing, or knitting dishcloths for loved ones. Whatever our talent is when we discover it and put it into practice we connect with the Divine Muse and our inner selves. It makes us whole.

I Need a Hero! What About You?

Perhaps a spiritual hero is simply someone that lives from the heart of love. Their traits are best described in 1 Corinthians 13.

What’s the Gift of a Messy Holy Family?

Wrap us in the swaddling clothes of your love and safety, dear God. Continue being born in us each day.

Help! I’m Stuck in My Mind and Can’t Get Out. (Do You Suffer from SPS?)

The heart can receive information, intuition, and inspiration that’s beyond time and space. In other words, the heart has a Divine Connection that’s beyond mere reason. When we become heart-based, we open ourselves to letting the mind sink into the heart so the two operate with human intellect and divine intuition.

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Why Jesus Isn’t Coming this Christmas

When we stop staring at the future waiting for ET-Jesus to appear, we can turn our gaze inward—toward our inner self. We can awaken to receive and embrace the joyous gift that God does dwell in you and me. And that Spirit of Love empowers us to put more good into the world through our daily actions. We participate in the unfolding of the kingdom of love here and now on this earth. We co-create with God. It’s a gift and a responsibility.

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Why Three Heads Are Better Than One

When we check-in with each of our three minds, we allow ourselves to connect with the trinity of our whole self.  We create an inner space to hear and integrate the wisdom God speaks to us through our three brains operating as One. We experience the life-giving flow of being in touch with ourselves and the Divine. 

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Let’s Find Flow!

If you’d like more inner peace, balance, and wholeness—want to Find Flow—the first step is to  take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory. It’s as simple as answering sixty questions so you can find out what makes you come alive.